Why Demand for Data Recovery is growing


Over the years, organizations have become more dependent on software applications such as enterprise software applications, customer relationship management, and email among others. The rapid growth of data across different enterprises has caused them to employ reliable and efficient data protection and recovery solutions for the purposes of securing confidential information.

Information storage over the cloud has significantly increased as it facilitates enhanced reliability, convenience, timely backup and lower operational costs from a host to the destination system. As a result, this has profoundly contributed to the high demand for data recovery, protection, and backup solutions that prevent or minimize data loss, unauthorized access, and cyber-attacks.

The market and demand for backup storage and recovery have gradually increased. One of the considered reasons for these results is the discounts that backup vendors offer to lure customers. During a survey analysis, a significant number of people claimed to have received some sort of discount when buying their choice of backup product. This means that the pricing of the products highly contributed to their sale. Other factors that buyers consider are ease of implementation, feature set, and brand reputation in that order.

In reference to a study that was carried out, there are various reasons as to why the need for data recovery is growing massively. First, organizations claim that having a data recovery product gives them confidence in their data recovery and restore capabilities. Another reason is to address a set of given rules and orders. This is followed by the need to deal with growing data as its volume increases with time. Another important reason is for the consolidation of backup operations. In addition, other reasons that came up were the need to re-evaluate data management plans, as well as to minimize the length of backups, and inability to control backup windows.