What is Cellebrite UFED?



The Cellebrite Universal Forensic Extraction Device is a mobile phone tool that is equipped with forensic ability to enable easy and fast access to data on these devices. As of now this tool is compatible with more than 3000 phones. Apart from phones this is also supported by other devices such as GPS trackers among many others. The tool is able to get data from both sim cards and phones too. This is one of the major advantages of this system. This allows the user to extract data from it by either selecting the device or allowing the system to auto-detect the system.

Its uses

This is a tool that is used for the evaluation of data from these devices. Apart from that it is used for forensic purposes. It has been put to use by police departments that need to put some surveillance on someone hence surveilling the phones is one easy way to do that. Having this tool has been one advantage to any police and intelligence service. Apart from that it has been used to extract information such as passwords from phones and other devices when needed. It also has some advanced but very easy to use software that helps in forensics while analyzing the data or information on various devices such as phones.


There however have been various backlashes to this. There are several time where some people have claimed that the police departments and the intelligence services are suing such tools as this to surveil on innocent people and hence going against the right of privacy of these people. This is one of the major setbacks of this too.


The use of this tool is one that has revolutionized the world of forensics in relation to data on phones and maybe GPS trackers among other compatible devices. this tool has helped increase the chances of being able to go through phones and get the data needed or information needed hence also being useful in the capturing of various criminals.

The fact that it is portable and has a very good rate of being functional with a good success rate ensures that this device is the best at what it does. It is a device that will see the revolutionization of forensic labs in the various police departments and help catch the criminals at a higher rate.


This is an invention that comes with effectiveness and the ability to perform faster that the job was done before. Now, there is the ability to be able to finish all the work in a shorter time and more efficiently and get accurate results.

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