Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Get Excited by Amazing New Features!


Android is sweetly ‘M’powered!

Google’s Android OS has a sweet new update called the Marshmallow (6.0). The 6th instalment is more of an incremental update over its predecessor – Lollipop (5.0).

At first glance, Google’s approach for this update seems to be more focused on what’s under the hood.

They clearly have tried to make Android smarter than before. Adopting new design scheme with the material design has worked well with the users. While the new UI is finding its ground, the OS has received under-the-hood changes to make your Android device faster and smarter.

Let’s find out all about the new sugary, yummy-sounding update android upgrade which is a very welcome change from its previous version.

Apps Arrangement

The overall UI may feel similar at first for most users who own an Android L powered device; however, there is a major change in the app drawer which now places apps vertically instead of horizontal pages.

This means you don’t have to keep swiping through screens to find your apps. This resembles a single page vertical arrangement of apps.

This means you don’t have to keep swiping through screens to find your apps. It resembles a single page vertical arrangement of apps popularised by the Windows phone OS. At the top of this screen sits a search box which helps in finding apps easily, along with 4 of the most used apps.

Google Now on Tap

The most interesting feature in the new Marshmallow OS is the ‘Google Now on Tap’. This unique new addition allows Google searches to be performed on almost any screen. Simply hold the home button to launch it on any screen, and 3-4 Google Now cards will be displayed based on the content that was being viewed.

Earlier versions of Android had the blanket approach for security, where a long list of required permissions was shown on the installation screen. All that could be done was to accept them if you wanted the app to be installed.

App Permissions

Marshmallow introduces permissions at runtime. Apps can request for permissions just before it is needed.

For instance, if your selfie app is going to launch your phone’s camera, then it first needs to request permission to access your camera.

Users will now have the option to deny or accept the popup for the permission. Some apps will require certain minimum permissions for overall smooth functioning, and denying that may cause the app to end its launch abruptly. In such cases there are only two choices – either allow the requested permission or find an alternative app.

In most cases, users just tap the ‘Allow’ button and proceed. So, when you want to revoke permissions you already allowed, you can easily find them on the settings page.

Battery Issues Resolved

Android phones are notoriously known for being battery hoggers. That is why the Marshmallow OS has worked on battery issues by bringing in a couple of very interesting features called Doze and Standby.

Doze practically puts your Android device to sleep when it is idle and not in use. This shuts down most of the background services and network connections until a Google Cloud Messaging notification comes up.

If an app has not been launched in a while, it will be disabled and put on Standby mode. If Marshmallow accidentally disables an app you wanted to keep active, then it can be restored with the settings page functions.

Apart from these new features, the ability to open URLs within the app, detailed volume control, syncing volume with a paired device, auto backup of data and settings to Google drive, new set of Emojis etc. are some of the super cool, new features which just can’t be missed in this release of the fluff of an Android OS upgrade.

So, when are you planning to update your Android phone to the Marshmallow 6.0?

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